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Tre' Bien - Anna Brown lyrics

[Introducing Dialog]

Friend #1: Aye yo, I see you gotta new thang!

Friend #2: Uh-huh! She bad as f** too!

Tre' Bien: Nah, Bruh

Friend #1: n***a, why you try'na lie? She was all up on you at Martin's birthday party last week

Friend #3: How bad is she?

Friend #2: Boy, you don't even know! She a fine a** dame! And heard her name's--


Anna Brown: tan brunette; bad as f** (Yeah)
Titties firm, thighs so thick. She's amazing
Anna Brown, you so fine
Should be mine (Girl)
Baby, you-- can s** me off with Bree-Bree Troutner
And she don't spit. She always swallow
She eyeing me. She wanna f**... and have my babies

Anna Brown, why don't you-- come over here!
I wanna hear about your past, and future goals
Anna, c'mere. Let's get closer
I'm steady rubbin' on your p**y
I wanna eat it out! I wanna dig it out, girl!

Poundin' that p**y. Goin' raw, like a meat rack
Skin-tight shirt hugs your breasts. That's a neat rack
By the time I'm finished, baby girl, you'll needa sleep-ap
All I know is--
Get it!
Get it!
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Split it!
s** it!
f** it!
Baby, ain't no bullsh**tin'! (Ugh!)

Films with no filler
Call it “Poon-Tang KIlla”
It's-- Godzilla
I'm the Dope Dick Deala

And you're hooked. You're an addict
Anyway you want it, you can have it
Anytime I get it, I'mma stab it
Got'cha fiendin'. p**y wet dreamin' (Whoa!)
We ain't cuttin' out scenes and--
That a** tight up in them jeans and--
Pullin' on ya shirt from behind...
And I'm tearin' all the seams and---

Breanna's may be more plump, but I love yo booty
And Chelsea's may be bigger, but I love them titties
Anna Brown... can't you see-- I want you shake that--


Fat thang!
Fat-fat-dat-da-da-dat-dat thang-thang!
Fat Thang!

Fat thang!
Fat-fat-dat-da-da-dat-dat thang-thang!
Fat Thang!
Fat Thang!
Fat Thang!
Fat Thang!

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