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Tre' Bien - Exclamation lyrics

[Introducing Dialog]

I just... felt like this was something that had to be done... ya'know?

[Verse 1]

And I'm just a disappointment
Failure on me, that sh** was anointed
Constantly needing doctor's appointments
And I don't wanna point fingers
But depression is some sh** that always lingers
And it's all because my daddy
He should have never had me
I'll turn out to be like him
Except, over my rap beats
And I don't think it's cool
I could've tried in school
But I was a f**ing tool
Screwin' around with my friends
Later on, my expectations didn't meet my demands

But my issue was the fact that--
I was gon' follow a path that--
I didn't ever wanna take
f** all my so-called "friends"
I'm not being fake
Had to piled up my options with a f**in' rake
And then I had to say: "So this is what I got up on my plate?"
Questioned life. Pondering every night and day
Duh'f** would I keep something I don't love?
I would've done it already. I just need a little shove


Let me say it

Let me say it

[Verse 2]

Let me say the f**in' truth
Sagacity, comin' from my wisdom tooth
Nah, my family, I don't want sh** to do with you
And everybody else, don't make me shoot
And don't shoot back, ‘cause I'm bulletproof

I just want to k** it
I just want to feel it
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I wanna feel vibes when I walk into the buildin'
Will it ever happen? sh**, I don't think so
If it does, I'll have a catchy hook and steady flow
If it does, I'll have a hennessey and exponential dough
Talkin' phone calls
Trips to Kauai; and waterfalls
b**h, I seen it all
I'll drop you in a coffin
Now we need some Halls
Wanna be notorious
Call me Biggie Smalls
Callin' out everybody
The Kid got hella balls

One more for the people who care
Those who live everyday as if that sh** were a dare
And deep inside I know that it's not fair
Feeling the way you feel
Wonderin' daily, if you gon' eat a meal

Poverty and depression. They living in the 8th section
I been broke so long, this sh** is a profession
This ain't no joke. I'm not messin'
Double tokin'. Now I'm not stressin'
When I was f**ing born, my dad behind bars
When I was growing up, I had it kinda hard
Birthdays: All we got was a f**in' card
Playin' army with some toy guns in the front yard

Had my, toys in a bag that sat inside the closet
Turned 12 and decided it was time for me to toss it
So I did. Buried them sh**s deep down in the trash
For the next week, I was itchin', just like a rash
And for the longest, I slept in the livin' room
Now I got a king-size in my bedroom
I'mma sweep my comp witta f**ing broom
Gimme a lil' time. I'll be f**in' famous soon


Let me say it

Let me say it

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