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Tre' Bien - M.I.N.D lyrics

[Verse 1 - KW]

It's so insane knowing that you're not here
This feel is infinite, like it's encasing a sphere
Sometimes I wake up and I feel like I'm drawing near
I don't want to keep thinking about this so much
You know that feeling when you're in love
You feel as though this person's above
And there ain't no if, ands, or buts

You feel the sharpness of their words
Slice like a blade through your gut
When they tell you they'll be gone in a month
And if you know me for real, you know who this about
If you know me-know me, you know that there ain't no doubt--
I'd do anything for this girl. Goddamn, man! She was my world
She was always hangin' onto my neck, like some pearls
And anybody could have got it if they got close
I was so down. I was willing to almost slit my--
I've never been so low. These d** took control
My mind was awake, but my body was asleep; comatose

I was in doubt. Thinkin': "There ain't no future now.”
Thinkin': "How am I supposed to get by when she's not around?"
Now I just let my pen fly and emotions spew out
I know it's selfish. Actin' like I'm the only one to go through this
I feel like I'm the only one who understands, like a magician doin' new tricks

[Verse 2 - Tre' Bien]

Don't put no period, 'cause it ain't over
Was drunk on her love. But now I'm sober
It was-- hard me to take the news
I had the blues
She set my world afire, like the Jews
But now it's cool. But for a while, I would see the b**h as Hitler
I even had a dream she pissed me off, and I hit'er

But good thing that was a dream
'Cause if you know me, I ain't mean
Was ragged, then you stitched me up. Then tore out all the seams
I loved you with all my heart. Then you ripped out all the string
Every night, I lied in bed and cringed through all the pain
Even 'til this day, the thought of you drives me insane
And now, you've got it big and I feel like a single grain
With everything I saw you lose, there was nothing I could gain
The only thing that calms my nerves is puffin' Mary Jane

I tried to be your man. But you ain't want that
I tried to be your friend. But you ain't want that
You ignore me, like a cryin' baby in an airplane
You got me scared of you, like I'm hidin' from an air raid
...Gotta job; you gettin' well paid
Tokyo Express; you workin' harder than a house maid

You white, so I can't call you a house n***a
Smalls checks here and these. sh**, you makin' Mickey Mouse figures
Damn, man... but he's pretty rich
Remember the time I called you b**h?
I really feel bad about it to this day
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You steady ballin' on the court. I'm on the bench, 'cause I don't play

[Dialog - Tre' Bien]

If you don't wanna man or a friend, I don't know what the f** you want. Obviously you don't want sh** to do with me. But it's fine. I just don't understand that's all... *sigh* damn, girl... I got love for you, but you confuse me so...

[Verse 3 - Tre' Bien]

I miss the feeling of your touch
I could say it ain't fair
But life ain't fair
It don't care--

About your needs or your wants
Or who the f** you taunt
Your moans and your grunts
Or the pain inside your gut

It's just gonna do It. And you gotta do you
No matter how hard it gets. You just gotta push it through
It might take a decade. It might take a year or two just gotta do you


I just don't get you... But I guess that's all girls... I mean...

[Outro -Tre' Bien]

Lost the only girl who loved me. The only one who will
I'd rather keep my distance than to try and be the third-wheel
'Bout to pop a Zan'. I'm on my thirty-first pill
If these Percs don't end me, then this Cialis will (Hopefully)
I'm just try'na keep it real (Oh oh!)
I ain't the only person who done lost a deal (Oh oh!)
I ain't the only person who has felt the chill (Oh oh!)
I ain't the only one you know who closed the seal
I had to close the seal (Oh oh!)
I had to closed the seal...

[Epilogue - Tre' Bien]

But that don't even change the facts
No diss; but I'll take the money over some dap
f** a handbag. The gum's cheaper than that

[Interrupted By Childish Gambino]

It's deeper than that
Calico inside the handbag. I'm keepin' the cat
Got some n***as in reserve, like I'm deep in Iraq
And I'm deepening rap
And it's deeper than rap...
This is deeper than rap...

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