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Tre' Bien - Downcast lyrics

[Verse 1 - KW]

Spend long nights lookin' at the ceiling, thinkin' ‘bout 404
Hate when they ask if I'm okay. I'm not really sure
They tell me: "Let it out. Don't let your feelings be ignored."
You not being here is something I can't afford
Most basic way to keep it short:
I've been hearing a different tune, but playing the same chord
I wish I could be a different person. Someone that can do both
But I'm stuck in a state of "do it or f**ing don't"
People say I'm hard on myself, but I don't wanna front
Don't wanna tell myself I'm fine, I'll be caught up in a lie
I feel like a thunderstorm but what comes after isn't shine
But I believe in myself that I can turn it around
Even if I'll get spurts of feeling hollowed out

[Verse 2 - Tre' Bien]

Damn, man... I really feel you, K. I hate the skin I'm in
It's not the color or the look. Let's see. Where do I begin?
I know everyone's prone to mistake. But I'm a f** up
I feel that I'm real, and they're fake. But I'm the f** up
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I find myself questioning on who's really a friend
It seems the ones I hang with, I don't meet their demands
I'm startin' different problems everyday
I'm feelin' like an outcast. No Andre 3k

[Ending Dialog - Tre' Bien]

Damn... I can't let these feelings catch up to me
If I do, these past regrets will destroy me
They already took my love and my friendship
What-the-f**-else does it want? sh**!
My life? If it does, I might give in to it
'Cause I ain't down for them blue days no more
I wanna look forward to good times and good vibes
f** sadness, man... this sh** is horrible... *sigh* here it comes... the end

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