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Traxx - Something You Should Know lyrics

When I got the phone call, I was rollin' on the interstate
“Dre, have you ate yet? How's about a dinner date?”
“Hmm, I don't know, let me check my schedgy
I'm free at 8:30, pick me up when you're readgy”
Hopped out the Chevy, so I could freshen up
Rolled a sack in the back and put my weapon up
Poured a gla** of 7-Up and ate a quick snack
Salami and swiss piled on a Ritz crack
Called the punk b**h back, “What's up, Alice?”
She got the maddest, said “My name's not Alice”
“Alright, Alice pick me up from my palace
I stay in West Linn, I know you know where that is”
“That's where my dad lives; be there in a jiffy”
Threw on some 150s and my red Ken Griffey
T-shirt crispy, I'm dipped as usual
Shave with the Andis electric reusable
Threw in my removable iced out grill
So when I spit my spill it's chilly chill
I'm really ill, really feel, really mackish
I'm waitin' on the b**h and I'm puffin' on some cat piss
Damn, where you at, b**h? I started thinkin'
Baby pulled up in an Aviator Lincoln
Grabbed me thump thang ‘cause they won't catch me leakin'
‘Cause punks hang and try to bang every weekend
I started speakin', “This a hell of a car”
I said, “Where we eating?” She said, “The Elephant Bar”
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I said “The hell if we are; I'd rather Benihana's”
She said “What's that for?” I said “For any drama”
Now look little mama, it's a quarter to ten
Can't be out all night, I gotta stop when the song end
Now at the restaurant, I'm feelin' like the man
Spoke Japan “give me moo goo gai pan”
Ate, drank, got full and burped
I said “Alright, you beezy, it's time to curt”
Dipped to her spot that was tucked in the cut
Put dick to the cot then I busted a nut
Then I busted a nut one mo gin
Then I busted a nut on the hoe chin
Now here we go again, another fiasco
I'm digging her out while I'm playin' with her a**hole
f** being bashful, baby, I'm a bash pro
She said “Dre, I'll give you anything you ask for”
You got cla**, hoe…now look
Pay close attention, I'm finna sing the hook

Before I give you some mo'
(Before I give you some mo')
There's something that you must know
(There's something you must know)
I'm a pimp and I got hoes
(I'm a pimp and I got hoes)
Can't f** for free no mo'
(No mo', can't f** for free no mo')

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