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Traxx - Non Discriminant lyrics


[Verse 1]
I'm so high off the catpiss blunt
In a 745 with the catfish front
The Mac stunts, they fresh b**h
Necklace, hella' ice on my left wrist
Steak for breakfast, big as Texas
Voice-mail full, you can't leave a message
Andre Maca**i I got a backhand that get a b**h right
And back on the track man
Fat man, go dumb on a crowd
Go wild showin' our style
You see the outfit, mouthfit
Polo Ralph b**h big screen fat leather coutch b**h
Bachelor, emba**ador
She said no but im still asking her
Hara**ing her, sweating her to get it
I'm a pimp in a netback fitted

(Blunted) Off a loose, that means money
b**h goose it, solicit the honey
No Juice with the remy, I'm wino
Non discriminant from black to albino
Play the game from tip off to final
All on a b**h, I'm rich as Lionel
Platinum issue, my diamonds will blind ya'
In search of some raw talent, b**h lemme' sign ya'

[Verse 2]
n***a I'm a buy it, if I want it
Flip a Lexus, wrap it and put spinners on it
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Hit Arizona, floss in Pheonix
b**hes all on me, a boss in the cleanest
Cough on the penis, b**h s** dick
You ain't know, I'm the wrong n***a to f** with
Plus b**h I'm a hound well rounded
I ran it back while them other fools downed it
Won't get impounded, fool i kirks out
Take em' on a chase, give em a work out
Track star, in a throw back car
'67 Coug nut, you know thats hard
Figure eightin', skatin', dancin'
Stay at the bar like that fool Ted Danson
Her head's dancin, bobbin' in my lap
She ain't got headers?
n***a cut the crap


[Verse 3]
I party hardy from Friday to Sunday
On Monday ya might find me in the drunk tank
I pump bank, hit em' with the alias
Mac Drevious'll penetetrate youor radius
I got D-boy B-boy roots
sh** not poop, gettin' loot like the Maloof's
It's duck duck goose with your girl or your wifey
She likes me cause my mouth is icy
Hot and spicy, nacho cheesed up
You wanna f** b**h roll them trees up
I'm tee'd up and I swing a 3 wood
In the country club 3C hood


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