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TrapMoneyMelo - Bussin! lyrics


Shawty know I'm bussin' b**h I'm flexed up off these jiggas
I be solo dolo I don't really f** with n***as
Thumbin' thru these hunnids , damn i can't stop counting figures
I keep two iphones one for b**hes, one for business

Verse 1

Me and Guapo Cobe on the block we flexing
& I'm balling on these n***as like Lebron no headband
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& I know she wanna f** me please give me a second
If a n***a want some smoke I pull up Smith & Wesson

Verse 2

Shawty you know that I know you wanna be my wifey
But yo ex man gone get mad & he gone try to fight me
I'm on all that hotboy sh** my n***as get real grimey
Pull-up on that n***a block I'm shooting clips like Spike Lee


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