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Traplife Muzik - Where Dem Thots lyrics

Money clothes shows thots dat wanna s** our dick. Shine boyz ent b**h get wit da clique. Neva see ya chick again if i give ha dis dick. Only 15 pullin errsingle b**h.where dem thots at im tryna get my clique s**ed im tryna get myget my dick s**ed

Where dem thots im tryna get sum mean head b**hes want my dick cuz dey kno im gettin bread. Wit a gurl err week i call em supaheads she s** me up while she twettin to her friends
I told ha s** my dick just get spit on my js. She want me to stay say ha boyfriend a lame. For dem bandz bet she do da whole team man she a pro at it kinda like lisa ann
She want relations but im sittin here laughin i dick ha down and tell ha bounce like a rabbit. der go da next room gotta pa** ha to da crew and after dat the thot through
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If u a freak ima need u up unda my sheets. Dem n***as hatin tell em to catch up wit me. I got a yellowbone i swer her a** bigga den me. Give her dat good D like miami heat
Dez n***as dont know how we gettin doe our money keep comin while yall n***as froze. n If she see my trus bet i take ya hoe. Take ha back to my squad and we flip ha doe. Im tryna get a mil i want a kardashian just fa one night cuz all of dem got a**es. Pull out my pockets all u see is dead bastards u wanted her but she came to me faster

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