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Trap - Can't Sit With Us lyrics

[Verse 1: B'chillz]
Youngest n***a doing it I got it yeah,we in the studio we catching bodies yeah twenty thousand spent it on these shawties yeah come get your girl cause she loves me like narcotics yeah yeah she pick me and you don't know why, I'm getting money bout to take her a** to Dubai, she kiss me and you don't know why,I'm getting money bout to take her a** to Dubai, I'm still the same still the same me but cutting every b**h that tried play me I swear all my n***as out whippin kg's cause that all black rolls phantom ain't free, oh no, they taking shots now somebody tell me who the hottest in. The spot now they used to say that we ain't popping but we hot now we be popping but in the club till we get shut down.

[Hook: B'chillz]
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Oh nooo homie you can't sit with us,we the type to spend some money it ain't nothing Bruh ain't Bruh, so it's no no, yeah it's a no no we getting dough bro, we rocking tom ford.

[Verse 2: B'chillz]
You run your mouth i'm tryna run the city I'm running through these b**hes n***as wanna be me I'm always in your house but you never see me, I gave your girl D once now she so friendly, yeah, I eat her p**y like its souls food see your car pulling up I'm Michael schofield, yeah I do the dance so the running dance they call me b why you shocked I took your honey man oh lord couple cars for the wrist wear all this ice got em screaming like they ric flair I drive her crazy I ain't even in my first gear, all this ice got em screaming like they ric flail, wooo, f** a jet boy we fly already need some loubs wait no I think I need guisseppi's matter fact give me we getting money baby I'm k camping ain't nothing if you trippin baby.

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