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Trap Them - Pulse Mavens lyrics

Saw him get his d**h march on....
Saw him light the aisles with hidden handjobs
Sheltered from the masters' baiting crowns
In overzealous crowds
In undernourished sounds
I know what you want, grey wanderlust
You want to walk into each and every room
And see a photograph that shreds your chest
And makes it hard to see, but makes it worth it to breathe
They don't sell it 'round here no more, so put your shoes back on
And get your hopes all gone
It's all come up wrong
It's all come up unbelonged
Well, if you want to stay 'til dawn
I can tell you where the guns are kept
And you can shoot your warning shots
And hear the cries of all of those in debt
Because you see here, beginner reconstructor, we've planted fruits of labor
Wrath that find themselves fully ripened on every pa**ing bloody path
And they are free to those who knew the names of crime design and love unkind
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They are free to those like us....
Those who've been left behind
It's all wrong
It's all unbelonged
And the sadist air raid blares to faces in the tar
As we murder the ghosts that held this town
Saw the structures fall apart
And raise foundations into forget city under exhiitionist regimes
Stamp the hands, pull the teeth
And k** the ones in need
So I'll tell you, runner....I'll tell you
You can live the life, you can take your time
And you can f** 'til you feel
But it won't break the bread they make, they own, they sell, they steal
Because as long as they have bones to snap
And grind into the welcome wheel
They'll take your fix for another meal
And they'll send you to the end of the line
You can live your days like I've f**ed my nights.....
With a d**h march on our minds

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