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Transplants - Tall Cans In The Air lyrics

'Nobody move, nobody get hurt'

Take a look around baby, yeah my whole crews ugly
But we still got the most game, the most money
The most hoes, the most honeys, it's so funny
How you hate my f**in' guts but at the same time love me
From the Lincoln to the gold to the lowriding bike
I always catch you hatin' but you know that you like
What you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less
I'm chillin' smokin' chronic while you're chokin' on stress

Tall cans in the air, let me see 'em... f** you! [x2]

I see you're mad at the fact that my pockets stay fat
Is it the cash I made on whacks or the c**aine sacks?
Is it the crew I roll with or the one that you lack?
I wish you would come around, I'd lay you flat on your back
You better hope you f**in' miss me if you see me drinkin' whiskey
You know, me and Diablos get way past tipsy
Whether drunk, high, or sober, yeah we're still gettin' over
Catching tats at 3 AM, head to toe, tread to joker

Tall cans in the air, let me see 'em... f** you! [x2]
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I never sing, no, never, I only shout
We're coming clean forever, without a doubt
Like a machine gun trigger, you'd better watch out
Yeh, Transplants don't give a f**, that's where we're at
So here we come again with our original style
I said 'Who the f** are you? I been here for a while.'
We got Distillers, AFI, LFB, and Crystal Sound
Transplants are fearless and the most original

Tall cans in the air, let me see 'em... f** you! [x2]
'Nobody move, nobody get hurt'
Tall cans in the air, let me see 'em... f** you! [x2]

If you think I give a f**, well you better think twice
U.S. Thugs, Wolfpack, and I ain't nothing nice
Check the date and time, lyrically committing hate crimes
Noose from the cord of my mic, now it's hang time
Blow minds with rhymes designed to break spikes
Transplants comin' through and we're one of a kind
With a chrome to your dome, make you flip like a flapjack
Two tall cans and a packet of blackjack

Tall cans in the air, let me see 'em... f** you! [x2]

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