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Transplants - Madness lyrics

Madness! Madness!
This is pure madness that we're talking about
Pure madness all the time now
This is pure madness that we're talking about
And I can't believe they wanna do it again

We gonna have to get 'em up
They gonna have to get me off
And you win some you lose some
So take this as loss
And cause a mother f** smiles
Don't mean that mother f**ers soft
I'm laughing all the while
While they come to haul you off
I got the powers got my powder
Cops is casing the scene
That's how it goes something in me steady chasing the green
Its strictly cash only basis, but you're digging in your chest
Let's f** 'em out everybody where its mutual respect

Skinhead Rob f** a b**h
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No I never gave a sh**
Good or bad present, past
No I never save a b**h
s** a dick I need a down b**h one that ain't too flossy
One that's down to hold my work and bust the heat to get 'em off me
She's the baddest, I mean baddest b**h that's up in the club
Same one that's in the parking lot reloading the snub
That's the one who get my love
And you can't call it what you want
Or if that b**h is down to ride
That's the b**h that im'ma flaunt

I'm from the west coast, best coast
Pump in the trench coat
Nothing like Columbine everybody gets smoked
Heard that I got smoked naw holmes I got smoke
Best Mary Jane right down to the rock coke
You're being gypped, so take 'em to the river
Had to drop a tall can, I was f**ing up my liver
Yet still I deliver like the first of 15
And I still make you quiver like your first 16th


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