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Transplants - I Want It All lyrics

I want it all
I want it all

Some come hoping to bleed it
Some look up but don't see it
Some are stand up and some seated
Some will take and some leave it
If you're talking sh** you're gonna get it
I ain't the one to regret it
I said what I said so believe it
You were humble, kid, now you're conceited

I should have known all along
F**k 'em

So what, I got a little wet
More than just a little bit
Lost at the pharmacy
Ambien to Riddlin
Found the ladies, love the pills
Give it to 'em, skip the meals
On her toes designer heals
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Expensive habit, flex the deals
It's there for the taking I'll go out myself
Or else I'll be forever waiting after somebody else
You've seen me get mine so why should I pay?
I'd rather rob the dope spots and take their profits away

I want it all
I want it all

I always confront the approaching
Previous experience is like I get a notion
And I imagine the impending
It's me walking away and it's your life ending
When the crew is falling
And you sit by the phone all alone no one calling
No longer sprawling, no one trawling, beaten up, broken down and apawling

And you wanted it all
But you end up with nothing
Ain't that something

I want it all
I want it all

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