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Transplants - Hit The Fence lyrics

Life in a war zone, you make the wrong move, remove your torso
Guns blow back from the track, now the bloods roll
Unslow 24/7 now the funds flow
Anybody gets in my way, I let their guts show

Sick f**s ain't doing sh** without the big bucks
Got you in my sites, bad luck, I bet you're lame ducks
Who game s**s, got to the point, now my gage busts
Come on man I don't give a f**, who wanna test nuts

Scrapping, let's go toe to toe, I start the capping
Shirt stamping, like Sherm on a stick, nines are clapping
Who's that then, who wanna be next, I'll make your back bend
Push comes to shove, no love, I'll make it happen

There's gotta be more to life than just this
Your life compared to mine is like wine compared to piss
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You say it gets better, well f** that (f** that)
You don't walk outside your house and feel the need to stay strapped

You never pay your rent off of c**aine and weed
Man, I dance with the devil but I never get the lead
Don't get me wrong, if I could I'd make a change
Been so bad for so long, any good is so strange

They say the gra** is greener on the other side of sh**
But the fence is in the way now and I ain't buyin' it
I'm in a cloud of smoke but my feet are on the ground
Even when I'm dead and gone, I'll always be around

I'ma walk to my funeral like my middle name was Lynch
In the game riding high, while you f**ers ride the bench

Skinhead Rob run by, motherf**ers hit the fence

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