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Traka - Y.A.F.(Young & Fresh)LifeStyle lyrics

(Verse 1)-Sid
Aight I'm back up in this ho
Yea it's Sid and Traka in this ho
Yo girl came u but she left with me
You know haha I'm too dumb
To rap I literally spit flames
Do u need a cigarette cause u
Kind shake Lil ho I thought I couldn't
Rap but I rip and split the track u ho
Traka said that we was gone k** it tho
So when I rap do I make u Trumble
Tho YAF we back up in this ho
I'm live off my prime and
I smile at yo ho I don't know
Why I say ho so
Many times I just think its
Because I'm rich off the dime
So I'mma stop and think with my dick
Yo girl on her knees like she praying for my dick
(Verse 2)-Traka
Man we living a Y.A.F. Lifestyle
Man our sh** comes once a while
Now we stand back and smile
While we in trial
We still stacking piles
Money coming in
Like it was a steal
Man were just winning deals
Man you appeal
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That I am unreal
Cause how my flows k**s
Man ya'll throwing out the thrills
What pays to go to the hills?
Man YAF lifestyle but sh**
I'll f** that b**h within the same mile
(Verse 3)-Traka
We a duo which is a team
We gonna have those videos you wanna stream
Man ya'll still using the same theme
Man let me throw in my dream but
Your girl my scream
They calling me the #1 Supreme
You need to redeem ya self
Cause you need a new scheme
Damn your girl still looking up my cream
Man let off the steam
(Verse 4)-Sid
I'mma start off by saying this I'm blessed
Because I see your girl on my dick
But I'mma let u have after I cum on her lips then
She gone limp back to u cause I just hit her with the dick
I lay pipe as if I was in a Trench
I kissed her neck and and
Then she started looking at my dick
I smiled cause she was funny
But then she looked at me like misses grumpy
And she said that's my dick
Now give it to me so I laid
The pipe up in her goodies

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