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Traka - ComingBackFresh lyrics

Aight this my first year of being a teen
They got me spitting on the mic
So now they know I'm bout that life
I ain't a player. I only got one wife
But them fake n***as I hate that
I save ya'll but ya'll don't praise me
Man sh** who's there to be?
I break n***as by the kneecap
Chilling with n***a that go by ASAP
Ya'll n***as should know that
I call ya'll p**ys so I own ya'll
f** It let's go raw
Man they bring the crown to the king
Which is me
I run the throne
Hell Yeah in the zone
I have got ya overblown
So now ya'll blowing up my phone
I know I ain't pretty known
sh** still giving out lones
Don't wanna pay me back?
Ok I break ya bones
Man f** the past
This is the present
Ya'll think of the future
The rent is due
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You don't pay sh** so
What up with you
It look like everybody done came
Down with the flu
We sticking together like glue
They rap game ain't getting old
Ya'll just think ya'll cold
You just got sold out on truth
But still got me paying for the booth
They got my a** drinking from
The Fountain of Youth
Man LSU is the sh** I salute
Ya'll talking all that sh** I just
Put ya'll on mute
Ain't that sh** cute?
Get mad b**h
I know you a mad snitch
I ain't got time for ya
I needa get mad rich
Playing with n***as heart and
You wonder why you call a mad witch
Man you got me throwing ya'll a wild pitch
I see through ya'll fake n***as like ghost
You should know that at most
Cause I'm on one
And I ain't gonna lie I got me a cold one
Ya'll are stun of what I can do
From where I'm standing I got the whole world's view

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