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Track Stars - Ill(Out Of My Mind)(Prod. By Track Stars) lyrics

(Laughing) HAHA
What Up Track Stars?

Verse 1
I Just Want To Pour Another Cup
I Just Want To Smoke Another Blunt
I Just Want Another b**h As Bad As My f**in' Last One
This The sh** You Ain't Ready For
Party All Night, f** You Til The Early Morn
Shots Of Ciroc, Shots Of Patron
Got Me Feelin' Too Good, Too Good
Yeah Way Too Damn Good
In This b**h Faded--Like "I Wish A Motherf**er Would"
Haters Lookin' At Me Like I'm "Mr. HollyWood"
Man, If You Only Knew Half The sh**
I Don't Even Have Half Of Whatcha Ya Think, b**h!
Talkin' all This sh** Like You Know Someone, b**h-
You Better Go Somewhere
Get On Them Knees And Blow Someone
Cause I'm Out My Mind Ho! You Just Don't know
Out My Mind Ho! Two More Shots
Out My Mind Ho! Two More Blunts
Out My Mind Ho! Two More Cups
Out My Mind Ho! You Know Whats Up!
Verse 2
Shot After Shot Til The Bottles Done
Like-f** It
My Livers Gonna Hate Me In The Mornin'
But We're Livin' In The Moment
And You Better f**in' Own It
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Smokin' On This Chronic-- Got Me Feelin' Super Sonic
Yeahhh b**h I'm On It
Like The Girl With The Cute Face-Fat Ass
Dancin' In The Club-Hands Up
Livin' Like We Don't Give A f**
But She's Gon f** By The End Of The Night Cause She Know's What's Up!
I'm Out My f**in' Mind Ho!
Shots Of Ciroc, Shots Of Patron
I Thought I Told You On Verse 1 b**h I'm On One--
Well Actually A Few--Enjoyin' The View
Sky High Ready To Sky-Dive In That p**y
Hit It-And-Quit It Cause I'm Not One For Commitment!
Baby Please Don't Get Offended
I'm Here For Some Fun-Not Here For The One
b**h! This The f**in' Club
Not The House Of Love
But I Got Love For You All!!
So Let's Shut It Down
Party Til Last Call, Last Call!
Last Call For Mother-f**in-Alcohol
Last Call For You To Spit Your Game
Talk Your sh**--Tryin' To Pull A "Bad b**h"
And Take Her Back To The Crib
Even If It's Yoo Momma's House
Tell That b**h Shut Up
And Put It In Her Mouth
f** Her So Good Dont Make A Sound
Face Down--Ass Up--Screamin' In The Pillow Loud
Makin' All Them Crazy Love Sounds
Cause I'm Out My Mind Ho You Just Don't Know


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