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Track Masters Entertainment - The Return lyrics

[Intro: Tone]
Hawk, who goes yonder?
It is I, sire, Tone from Brooklyn
Well speak up man, what is it?
News from the east, sire
The best of both worlds has returned

Mirror mirror on the wall
Whose is the freshest of them all?
I love 'em all, but none of y'all
Is Doug E., as me and the boy Kelly
With the suicide doors, f** 'em all
We got hits like a thirty shot clip
When we throw it in the air, everybody hit the floor
Holla at your boy, boys
When we boys, so we bringin' out them toys
I ain't a lame, on them Dana Dane's
Wiggie, you annoyed man, when the year change, we change
n***a, we right here, we can go bank for bank
We can go clip for clip, n***a, chain for chain
We can go b**h for b**h, got a pretty young thing
That I keep by my hip, like my celly that rings

[Hook: R. Kelly]
Meeting Michelle at the hotel
While Jay and Tone on the way to the afterparty
Got the ladies sayin', oh

Best of both worlds, and we rock the club
Boy H-O, Kells, we not playing
Losers lose, so when we does what we do, we win
And win again, like deja vu
Then we win again, like M.J. do
Three-peat, then we retreat to waters that's blue
Young Scrappy, that's what grown man do, let's move

[Hook 2x: R. Kelly]
In this arena, arena
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All we wanna see is them hands up, hands up
This is for them hustlin' boys and girls
It's the return of best of both worlds

[R. Kelly]
Now all the ladies love Kells, cuz Kells is fresh
And plus, Kells got super pimp 'cross his chest
I got a fat gold chain and a drop top Lex'
And when I'm rollin' through your hood, I be causin' wrecks
Man I'm a gigolo, air force ones and fresh linen
I be in the club while my chrome still spinning
Ladies line up in a single filed line
Just to hear the black Sinatra, sing 'em a few lines like


[R. Kelly]
Best of best worlds, gettin' it down, youknawimean
Kells and Jigga, man, back on the set
Step off in the club, so fresh and so clean
Ladies be like, damn, bling, bling, bling
Hov' rapping, I sing, sing, sing
H to the O, and the R&B king
Before we do a show, it's like ching, ching, ching
So ladi dadi, we like to party
We don't start fights, we don't bother nobody
The good news, haters, we got a lot of dough
Bad news, is, it's the return of best of both

[Hook 2x]

[R. Kelly]
We on a world tour, with Jay and my man
Going each and every where with the mic in our hands
London, Paris, New York, D.C
Detroit, from Chitown, to Cali
We on a world tour, with Kells and ya man
Going each and every where with the mic in our hands
Philly, Jersey, Dallas, St. Louie
Miami, Best of Both, coming to your city

[Hook 2x]

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