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Track Gordy - In Da Air lyrics

[Hook/Intro: MoneyBagg Yo]
I just poured up a 4 you know what I'm sayin' like..
At the top now you know what I'm sayin'?
We riding through the city right now as we speak you know
With a lil bad b**h you know what I'm sayin'?
I forgot to mention her, she right here tho
With one hand on the steering wheel, other one the p**y or some..

[Verse 1: MoneyBagg Yo]
I was sauced up on the walk up
Wrist drippin', tell her mop up
Hoes lock up when I pop up
Al Qaeda when I pop stuff
Yeen a k**er, put the Glock up
Give it to me, I'll squeeze on it
Bless a n***a like I sneezed on him
I'm the hottest in it, I got cheese on it
Bad b**h, but she got flees on her
You know imma P, so it feeds on her
Pull up in sh** with the B's on it
Got slush in the cup with codeine on it
Suntan, put the beam on it
Burn his a**, put the steam on him
He sendin' threats now my team want him
Pull up at the light, put them things on him
I never wanted this fame I just want the money this sh** here just came wit it
f**in' the game with no rubber gettin' 20 a show, and I just came in
I hit the gas I come out the a**hole
I just got rid of my last hoe
She say I'm a a**hole
She stuck in the pa**, though

[Hook/Interlude: MoneyBagg Yo]
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I'm like that cause I feel like I done showed enough
I'm heartless right now, ian really caring. Ian got time
I'm a lil jazzy and sh** right now I can't even flodge

[Verse 2: MoneyBagg Yo]
I was froze up from the neck up
n***as hatin', tell 'em catch up
I'm poppin' now, I was next up
You a zero, you a Westbrook
Hey, I'm fresh off tour pullin' up in the hood where I used to live
My money way up so I ain't feeling like I used to feel
In the foreign like a orange hit a button in this b**h & the roof'll peel
Double A, no battery. Aston, Audi, before the deal
Dope boy swag still got the sack, and the scale, and the Glock
I'm focused now, but I'll still set it off like I'm Vivica Fox
I'm the same n***a that was wit that
I'm the same n***a from a Snapchat
I'm the same n***a with a gold grill, and a herringbone, and a snapback
Hey, Imma keep it real, keep it one hunnit
Was a real n***a when I wasn't nothing
I was shootin' them tools with the n***as with me
Now I'm pa**in' out j**els to the n***as with me

[Hook/Outro: MoneyBagg Yo]
Aye and that's like, and that's real talk
Every n***a wit me shinin' you know what I'm sayin'?
Everybody wit me bossed up ya nah'mean?
Gang gang, gang gang
I ain't never had sh** so you know what I'm sayin' like..
I'm sorry if you feeling some kind of way cause..
I'm poppin' big sh** you know what I mean?
This how I'm rockin' now

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