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Tracey Lee - Rugged One lyrics

[Verse 1]
I believe it's the LR
Who freaks the funk and won't you won't see son
A lyrical beast from the dungeons
Caught up in my physical, I flows like cash, meter
Head turner, burn MC's like mash
Leaving the east done like [?]
The west won the zoo
Left n***as swinging like Ken Griffey Ju'
Dubbed The Future
Never too much friction
When I begin to spilling the gospel like commission
Saints are rising up feeling the vibe from my sermon
It's L I rock well, Parley keeps turning
The 12 so MC's get the finger
Roll over n***as like George Gerving
Damn it don't make me bring the
Fleet full cause we pulling the whole weight jack
It don't stop y'all
I'm starting to rock like crack
sh** is hot word to God I got 'em scoping my steel
For real cause I get n***as open
Here comes the rugged

[Hook] {x2}
Here comes the rugged one
Here comes the rugged one bust the way I flip it
Here comes the rugged one
The rhyme is rugged at the same time sharp

[Verse 2]
So n***a feel my wrath, get caught up in the rapture
That ill funk from Philly I be rhyming
From Tasker to Diamond
From Wooland Avenue to Nice Town ock I watch
n***a that I know and from the whole block flock
To see the L, I maintain
In Max's I'm running more game than March Madness
When I bag chicks so just do that
Don't even try to play too close
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I got juice like the Gootch at different stroke kid I smoke mics
So hold tight
I'm about to set it
Yes y'all, collect presidents when I get off like Prince
I lost n***as
When I bust like angel eyed dust
Ass n***as, I'm calling your bluff it's the rugged
One with the rep I
Amaze when I blaze like Left Eye
Got lyrics for days kid so check my
Forth, forth and back, back and forth I flow
So let me see you, let me see you go


[Verse 3]
Well I be god damn I rain man like Shawn Kemp, it's the bomb sh**
Dig it when I get's down
I make that a** Bob like Brown
Ready for prime time baby
So fill up the Dutch with lye
And watch n***as get split up like Guy
MC's I turn your lights out on some World Cla** sh**
Wreck Cru's/crews like James Tony when I get loose
You know me
It's R.N.F. see
So please duck when I spark freeze
Or many MC's get Bucked like Milwaukee
I Kool with my Gang and Celebrate with O.E
sh** is too hot so n***as know not
I blow the mic up
Then I light up more Knicks than Reggie Miller see
When I puff the k** black then my lyrics get Ill like Al Skratch
Catch 22's of brews when I be chilling like gears
So what it is ock?
It's R.N.F. to d**h, hang with on top
It's like that and it don't stop
Keep on to the break yo
This Philly motherf** gonna blow up from state to state so


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