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Tracey Lee - Many Facez lyrics

[Verse 1]
First and foremost
I be that east coast cat with each dose
Waxing equals, RNF staff, yo that's my peoples
Keep my enemies close, dead up with a retina on 'em
sh** I have to set it on 'em
Here to warn 'em
That I'm nice with a mic but once you think, "I got him figured"
Yo I switch into this next n***a
Mr. Lee

Pushing a butter Lex n***a
Yo the difference for me and L, the reps bigger
Transferring doe, unheard of amounts to corporate accounts
n***as know but on the low, keep it unannounced
Sonning five star way from Grand Marnier
And shrimp all day to the champagne with the porterhouse
In tailor mades
But still make your corner bounce
Son I blaze
The mic like a quarter ounce of haze n***a no doubt
So roll out the red carpet clowns be astounded
Cause they know the game is well rounded

[Hook] {x2}
Now who amazes through all phases?
The one that hold it down in all cases
Son that holds the hand with all aces
Still shines in any situation
n***a it's the man with many faces, c'mon

[Verse 2]
Hey, Tray keeps the ladies disorderly
Cover pose for Gentleman's Quarterly
Most importantly
I got a pro to see that keep hoes wetter than scuba
Gear, hear this, who's the next chicken to feel this?
A real giggalo
So I'm quick to hit a chick below the waistline
Never waste time with a straight dime
Get up with hang time
Yeah sis I'll make you famous
Oh sh** I'm going through some changes

Yo It's Rock Rock y'all
Get down whatever you need
Yo I got y'all, this round of Remy's on me
Yeah the party animal spending a cool grand minimum
n***a at the bar so keep sending 'em
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Until the DJ stops blending him
Even when I'm sitting like a [?] I'm k**ing it
Cause rhyming is a reflex, I'm feeling it
This my last drink then I'm chilling
Cause damn it yo my head keep spinning

Make way for the LR
Raw veteran
Making your days dark like melanin
Plat' selling keeping MC's back peddling
Fear son I show none
n***a no gun, running from no one
Put it on you with flows that wet it like monsoon
Here to bomb crews full of nonsense
Revealing that I'm God sent
Stunning, some better repent it's the coming of
The lyrical beast from the dungeon
Running 'em


[Verse 3]
Tracey Lee the ill MC
Split personality
Eternally, flipping internally
But it's no concern to me
Lyrically, burning in the third degree
Hemming 'em with different identities you follow me?
Well, depending on the sh** surrounding me
Determine's what n***a comes out of me

Verbally, spellbound you in all cases

School clowns when I fool around and change faces

f** it I can play the bougie brother

Or take it to the streets like a Doobie

Brother, in all facets
Yo I smash kids to ashes

Looking for an excuse so each one can let loose on ya
Warning ya, it's only one cat so don't confuse things
But I move things with my mood swings
Try to move things and I'm in ya

Cause you never know which one of us you might run in ta


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