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Toxic Mutation - Confused lyrics

There are voices in my head.
Telling me our love is dead.
I'm starting to believe.
It's not that hard to see.

Is it my mistake?
Am I just too late?
I want to apologize.
Look you in your violet eyes.

Is there anything I can do or say?
To brighten up your day.
But now is not the time.
I'm sorry, I'm just to shy.

I'm tired of all the lies.
So take off your disguise.
I think I'm hypnotized.
So please tell me why...

I'm just confused.

Am I being used or not?

Is this all true?

I mean if it wasn't, I would have knew.

But are you really?
Why is love so silly?
I want to leave and forget.
Time to leave and let the sun set.

Tell me what happened to you?
Was your mind split into two?
2 different personalities.
Do you have a mental disease?
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Did you take something to mess you up?
Or did you just run out of luck?
Hey, I'm right over here...
I mean it doesn't matter, not like you care.

And this just goes on repeat.
If you want to hang out, I'm at the end of the street.
But I know you won't.
I mean you hate me, so please just don't.

And even after...
All this time.
I still can't get you...
Out of my mind.

So can we just run...
And leave all this behind.
Well I guess not,
So goodbye.

I'm just confused.

What did I even do?

Why won't you answer me?

What if it's you? Not even me...

I guess it's not too late.
You invited me to a new date.
I'll be sure to come.
But where does this love come from?

I've been waiting all week.
I couldn't even get sleep.
I better not be too late.
Because my mind is a blank slate.

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