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Toxic Mutation - Sad lyrics

Go to school, turns out it was boring all day.
Didn't really do anything that made me want to stay.
Raised my hand in cla**, but of course got ignored.
And you ask me why I seem to always be bored.

I want to leave, but I don't want to leave you.
You told me you got bullied, but now I see it's true.
I wish that you wouldn't listen to what they said.
Because if they continue, they might make you want to be dead.

And that's something no one should have to go through.
Because it would make me want to end my life as well.
I wouldn't want to make the ones that love me go through hell.
But who knows? Who cares? They might, I just don't want to see a friend end their life.

Or she can stay alive and get an eating disorder.
All she needs to get through it is just a kiss for her.
Just needs some love, just needs a sense of worth.
But I know it's hard, getting out of hell hurts.

We don't have a God,
We don't have any friends,
But we have each other,
And that's how it will end.

You teach us stuff we don't even use.
You should tell me the d** people abuse.
What do I do if my house gets in a mortgage?
In a homeless shelter, eating a small bowl of porridge.

What do I do if my wife gets cancer?
Well won't you listen? Is there even an answer?
But please, forgive me for asking, there is no hope.
Play life like a game because it's only just a joke.

Innocent slaves getting there heads chopped off by axes.
But I can't do anything, I'm too busy paying taxes.
And all the money I send just goes to war.
Yet they're all rich, but they still ignore the poor.

Rich with money, poor mental health.
It's not his fault, he hears voices saying "k** yourself."
When I cry, no one seems to care.
Do I even matter? Is anybody there?

But ignore what I said.
Forget that I spoke,
And after all,
It's only just a joke.

There must be something wrong with the earth.
I'm trying so hard to find any self worth.
How hard is it to get some respect?
I'm fine if you're mean to me, just don't treat others with neglect.
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Sometimes I don't even know what day it is.
I feel really bad, I try to act okay but it,
Is just to hard, I heard there was a shooting down the boulevard.
I can't believe what my life has come too. What am I going to do?

And the pain for you has just gone on to long.
Thoughts racing through your head, emotions getting strong.
But don't let them win, you've got to hold on.
You can't ask politely, they won't ever stop.

Trust me, I know the struggles of everyday.
Hearts messed up due to the lack of food you've ate.
Most people, they just don't understand.
I just want to be thin, that's my plan.

But darling, you're beautiful the way you are.
I know that you can't see it, but hopefully one day you will.
Believe me, it's hard, you hate yourself, but still.
Don't let the bullies get another k**.

I know to others you probably feel deaf.
No love from your family, because all your family left.
I'll be with you in a huge mansion, or under a dam.
As long I'm with you, it doesn't matter where I am.

But life is done for me.
I won't ever be happy.
But for you, please continue.
If you left, I would really miss you.

Ignore the bad people, stay true to yourself.
You have to deal with the cards that you have been dealt.
Talk to me, I'll try my best to help.
Just darling please, don't k** yourself.

Ignore the bullies; they have their own problems to get through.
They pick on themselves more than they pick on you.
Try to speak up, I know you won't regret it.
They made my friend a f**ing anorexic.

You can't escape this state of mind.
It's only you now, you left everyone else behind.
And I won't forget the nice things you said to me.
I try to enjoy them, but every day is dark and gloomy.

Here they come, oh no, run.
Your mind won't let you have any fun.
You stayed in cla**, didn't go out to recess.
You would want to but you're scared and depressed.

There's not much left for me to say.
I hope that I don't live another day.
The world is hell, so bad, so fast.
I guess now my time has come at last.

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