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Town - Capricorn Grooves (Vanilla Wafers) lyrics

Said young kid is brick, like where the boulders they meet
I'm stuck between a hard place, it's kinda cold in these streets

We play Warhol for those old heads, 'cus a good song ain't lyricism
We don't care much for them new n***as, 'cus they're sensitive over criticism
Oh you like their dance songs? Well go and do your jig with 'em
Got fam' who trappin' cold bread 'cus a warm home wasn't here with 'em
If I'm lyin' then you're Mumra, bout time I took that filter off
Y'all n***as want it dumbed down but I'm like Plies when that film is off
That educated, full frame, immaculation
I'm tracking like Wilma Rudolf, you tracking like Michael Johnson to Donovan Bailey
And I'm a 90's baby but the golden age of hip-hop made me
Yeah the silver age is what got played, silver coins is what's gon' pay me
My silver hairs means wisdom, but I'm trapped up in a prism
Can't see past that prison that is my own attention
Your time is ticking, like the white rabbit in Wonderland, ain't that a given
And I compensate for my lack of competition, by competing with myself
Never beat myself, and so myself just told myself that he don't need myself
And my conceptual conscious always analyzing the future Rakim's and the Nas's
It leaves me nauseous, yeah it leaves me nauseous, 'cus I realized I'm really not with them
But I'm something like Biggie, flickering my bic at bickering bitties who want to use a n***a
Not showing no titties
Don't test me boy, 'cus I'm bound to wreck y'all n***as, no Kanye reference
But it's f those other n***as cus I'm down for my n***as
Can't clown with y'all n***as
Cus y'all stay clowned with them n***as that instagram their mama's Benz's
s**ling mama's tits, no we can't get down to business
Prolly why your woman popping p**y for pensions, trading panties for pencils
So your little n***a can have everything that your broke a** didn't
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Or wouldn't provide
You look in my eyes and see a slight high, and a section for pain
Penetrating the pantries of my brain
And I'm a black n***a in a hoodie 'bout to mob you for your snacks
Making decisions wondering did you make a mistake when you put out a track challenge for a n***a like me
And I won't even prolly finish this beat, because it's obvious I murdered it
Jason Voorhees with Dumbo ears and two knives prolly never would have heard of ya
And someone call FEMA because I came through like Hurricane Katrina
But they're prolly gon' be late to ya ma**acre
While your family is picking up the remnants of your femur
If this a Range Rover, then I suffer from a hangover, getting drunk off my own ego
Somewhere Captain Planet weeps, 'cus black men not through with their pimping
And black women not through with their tripping, to realize
That the one they really want is right in front
The nerdy kid you call thirsty, yeah he be the most worthy
And has dreams of giving you his all before he turns 30
I mean, what more could you want, the tatted n***a that smokes blunts
And leave you pregnant, and not giving no f**s, I mean it's just my luck
I guess the emotion stuck, so I just light my "ehh" and do what I want
And find a nice Asian chick to roll my blunts
And my friends don't see the point of me crushing on who I'm crushing
I mean, I like her for her mind, and she's intelligent
And did I mention that she's super corny, cute as hell
I guess that last part is irrelevant
I feeling like my soul is spent, giving out my knowledge to the college kid who did better than me
[Town joins in]
Ain't it plain to see

[Vamp: Town]
Ain't it plain to see
(repeat 8 times)

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