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Tower Of Power - Check Yourself lyrics

Check yourself!

[Verse 1:]
In my life, I've made mistakes
And I need to redeem
Messed around with you
But you weren't free
Had to stare back and check myself
Oh, but you, everybody thinks
That you're such a great man
Running it [?]
Doing big things
But you and I know
Exactly where you have been
Well you can pretend, baby

Better check yourself and how you're really living
Can you face yourself staring back from the mirror
So high and mighty, what's that you're hiding?
You might want to think it over
Better check yourself, smoking and charading
Can you face yourself, it's getting too complicated, baby
Someone might ask you "What kind of man are you?"
You might want to think it over

[Verse 2:]
So there it ends
When you disconnect
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To have your special friend
When it all could come to bite you in the end
Is this the kind of man you call yourself?
(Are you yourself?)
And as for me, I may not be an angel
But now I'm free
What you've done to her
You won't do to me
You may go out and on
Before you just think
Remember these words for me, baby


I'm just sayin'
I'm just sayin' (say what?)
I'm just sayin' (Girl, what are you saying?)
I'm just sayin', babe (What are you trying to say?)
Tower of Power, tell him what I'm saying!

Uhh, that's right
(I hear what they sayin'!)
(I hear that)


Yeah, take THAT!

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