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Tourettes - Listen to Us lyrics

[National party election campaign ad 1975]
There was a time when New Zealand cities were quiet and clean
People said they were. . nice places to bring up children
But the cities grew alarmingly, people poured in
Not just from the country, but from other countries as well
62,000 in just 2 years
Then one day, there weren't enough jobs either
The people became angry,and violence broke out
Especially among those who had come from other places expecting great things

[David Lange]
It's that some governments, such as New Zealand
Have forgotten for whom they have a responsibility
And they owe nothing to huge projects
They owe a lot to little people
And they have turned their face on striving people

[Rob Muldoon]
If you don't want it that way, go the otehr way

[David Lange]
Where prices are allowed to soar
While wages are screwed down

[Phil Goff]
It's not a case of saying inflation is more important than employment

[Jim Bolger]
More jobs and higher pay

[Don Brash]
The countries which have been most successful in getting inflation under control
Have been those with central banks which are somewhat independent of direct political influence

[John Key]
Is it real money to you?
Yes it is actually, I think so, yes

[Jenny Shipley]
Create the gap between work and welfare

[Helen Clark]
There is a growing gap between rich and poor in this country

[John Key]
Well im making enough to be comfortable
He said he would rather have s** with a lobster than meet me
The good news is that I was having dinner with Nagti Porou as opposed to their neighbouring iwi which is Tuhoe, in which case i would've been dinner

[Verse 1: Tom Scott]
Cause this ain't no f**ing joke
We f**ing broke far from cutting coke
All we got is luck and hope
Dreams going up in smoke
One day, some way yea that's what we used to say
Now we black out sniffing white
So the future's grey
The youth that we threw away ain't never coming back
Our criminal record haunting us forever like a tap
Where I come from minimum wage is what we run on
No wonder why we're spending our pay getting drunk on some cheap sh**
Standing in line for some free sh**
To eat we're resorting to crime
For some weet bix
The same old story that you heard a million times before
I bet it probably doesn't even cross your mind no more
f**ing prime minister ain't even got the time to talk
Cutting off the dole
Trying to justify why we're poor
Acting like we're happy working underneath your iron claw
Where you don't even need to give the reason we're being fired for
Trying to fight the law is like trying to fight a fireball
Ask my old man
They locked him up just for trying to score
f** working in the factory until you're 94
Course we resort to crime
But all you get from crime is . .court
And that's a f**ed up system
Where justice is just some
Juxtaposition between the police and the judge's decision
And even if we scream
Who the f** is going to listen to us?

[Hook: Tom Scott]
What they know about missing the bus?
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Yea, it's just another prisoners dust
They keep the bread and they give us the crust
Cause the system is sus
There ain't no politician to trust who's going to listen to us

[John Key]
Interviewer: Where you for or against the springbok tour?
Oh I can't even remember
1981? I don't really know

[Verse 2: Tourettes]
John key can s** my dick
Hiding in his mansion
While half the population flies across the tasman
The other half try to act like its not happening
Thinking that they're rich with their higher purchase plasmas
Asking what's the matter?
There's no depression in New Zealand
Yea just a so sicky feeling
Had you steering at the all blacks cheering
Distracting you from the oil spills and poor tax
Dignity? can't afford that on minimum wage
sh** is insane when rent is half of my pay
Nobody's laughing these days
Know the economy's a joke
Except for bourgeois arseholes
You know how that goes
Socialism for the rich capitalism for the poor
Want us to live in sh**
People struggling abroad
If you wait at the door for one second
That we deserve better
There ain't enough pigs to protect them
Brands are expensive and the wage is low
Get them losers at WINZ out diggin some holes
Saying work will set you free
Yea it's good for the soul
I mean k** the poor
k** my eyes for your vote (??)
Kept the funding for us on that national parks
Blame every problem on solo mothers
And doole bludgers
The working cla** is a gang getting fisted
Untill we say different ain't noone going to listen to us
Minimum wages just isn't enough
Tax cuts don't make a difference to us
Act like we're poor
Only know prison and d**
Getting high is the only way we're living it up

(I been thinking about who's doing the talking
In all I been reading, about how we're sinking
I've been thinking about how we're doing
All that we're missing
And how nobodies listening to us) x2

Well I don't own a vineyard
Interviewer: and you're a vineyard owner yourself aren't you?
I am
I don't know whether I won any a**ets or not
Interviewer: You promise you will always be honest? yup

He said he could and he would
Then later he said he couldn't and he wouldn't
And later still he said he couldn't because he wouldn't

Hip hopping with the hoppers
If anyone is offended, then I deeply apologise

Think you're going to go in there mate?

Have you got a conflict of interest here? no
See you, thanks very much

They'll vote accordingly
If they want that other bloke to lead a government, they'll vote for him
That's it
Thanks Prime Minister

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