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Tony Stone of the North Virus - Pariahs lyrics

[Verse 1: Furst]
How can I make it
Told mom imma make it someday now's time to prove it
Cause where I'm from, the good die young
My n***as is top gun
Child of the millenium
I'm racing, they told me we already won
Vibe with me while I push it to the limits
Preach to these hoes like a tv evangelist
A list in my city, im a rebel for the fetti
n***as want to get it, wanna be angeletti
Most these n***as Donnie Brasco, hit em with the brash flow
Wanna know what Furst stands for
Hit ‘em with the nasty then go
Rookie just a week ago than pro
We know who you are, your hustle sub par
Living off the wall with no law
Somebody light up my cigar, light up my cigar

Only know how to be real
Only know how to flow ill
Liquor I'm drinking, I spieled
Saying what I feel
Same as what's real
Unapologetic if I'm left field
n***as gonna ride regardless
Wanna know who started this, trinna be part of this
But the cypher close
We decipher hoes
And than we smoke some more

My n***a, my n***a, my n***a
Your b**h is right here and she f**ing my n***a
Think she's in love with the glitter
Drinking red wine and consuming the flesh
I know that I'm blessed
There's no shine in the shadow
There's no pride in the shallow
Midnight marauder, the child of tomorrow
And migo, I see gold at the end of the tunnel
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[Hook: Furst]
Can't define us
We some f**ing Pariahs
Paper is prior to these Mariahs
Common knowledge, we be the livest
Notorious Pariahs

[Verse 2: Bandit]
Lone wolf roamin through this world with a weary heart
Cold as stone tell me who's the first to tell the world he's hot
I'll f**in cool him em off, watch these s**as belly flop
Old soul don't yah know bro that yous a petty tot
Shut it, let the bandit make some noise now
These children yappin
Bout the same sh** that's crackin
And rose doubt
About the whole game and it's credibility flowed down
The muthaf** in drain, and the only remedys gone now..

I'm Back on the scene with a new thang
Told these other cats I'm at the peak of the food chain
Cause these n***as lost only friend for the pootang
9 to 5 got em , watch em fiend for them new jays

I tend to my garden, my mind and my body and soul have been sharpened
I never gave f**s bouta n***a that's talking
I rather get moving with n***as that's walking
Straight to they goals
Penetrating obstacles
In a split second
Lame a** n***as hit the floor
Cause I'm on the rise
You lookin so surprised
Resources multiply
I'm booked like all the time
Titanium quartz hanging down my f**in neck
Super powered a** minds wizards crowd my f**ing set

[Hook: Furst/Bandit]

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