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Tony Stone of the North Virus - Outro lyrics

[Verse 1: Furst]

I've been delivered I been lost
Been looking for more
Sorry momma, threw your education out the door
There's a world to explore
Got but so much time
Money's on my mind, the money's on my mind
And i'm out to get mine
Going against whoever
No matter the weather
Never mind my temper
Recognize you can't cool my fire
b**h, I'm born again
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Might take a drag of that loud, a sip of the gin
If we get to make more than enough, best believe we goin spend
'cause my n***as the type of n***as that'll ride 'til the end
I'm watching the world spin
Come alive when days end
Prepare for the loss when you plan on the win
Playing for keeps
No peace of mind in these streets
Blame it on ways we been raised
Barely know when to hit on the breaks
My n***as is moving them bricks, im trinna move the people
Fixing up a sequel

[Spoken Outro: Furst]

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