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Tony B - Persian Rugs lyrics

It's crazy
Verse 1:
If poetry's written does that mean I could establish my own?
Love is four a letter word but I lose the feeling and need it when I'm all alone
Pa**ionate fruit we devour
Yo face turning sour cause you laid the pipe on yo own
She text and call - don't pick up the phone, Shawty keep thinking what did she do wrong
Saw her in the hall and said "baby girl look I only smashed cause your parents weren't home"
She said "I hate you"
"Why would you use me?"
"Don't even answer that Tony I'm gone"
I tried to tell her to leave him be
The worst part is she didn't notice me
I know what you need but it's not the trees
So baby please put yah trust in me
Read the contract but didn't proceed
Leaving my life feeling incomplete
Said that he want her she disagreed
Can't believe that she back with him for the D

Verse 2:
Tryna roll with yah shawty, got my car back now and the rims set black
I was going down Hampton - a bus got close and you know well my wheels turned flat
But it's okay girl cause I'm back on track
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Yeah that's right you know I'm back on track
And I hope that you know that I'm back on track puttin' the city on the map
But you can't be apart of it
I thought you would've kept it real like my tall cousin
Yeah, and even he know I'm not stuntin'
What you got against me?
Is it good loving?
Got me thinking bout old times
Like a grandfather clock when it strikes 9
Summer nights I was up writing new rhymes
You the one who supported me and my grind
But now you stay acting funny like charade lines
I done learned a lot of things in this lifetime but its okay girl
Yeah that's right it's okay girl
I mean..
I'm telling you I'm paving the way
I got nothing else left to say
I been on to better days
Wait you know I mean better things
Only Flaco know what I mean
But it's okay cause I'm coming home
I been gone for way too long
I didn't leave at all I'm just in my zone
Got a call waiting please hold my phone
Could this be your new favorite song?
Upper echelon - used to wealth
If they don't support me I support myself

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