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Tony B - Late December lyrics

Verse 1:
Grab the keys
Hop in the car
Hit the gas
I wanna pull up to your house but I know that's what I pa**ed
They always used to tell me, "Nice guys finish last"
I hope you don't converse with somebody who came from your past
But if you do..
Yo, I'll be sitting here in cla**
If you heard all of these song about you, you'd prolly laugh
Then go show all of your friends, proving that I was trash
You were mad
But now you secretly adore all my tracks
Hoping you coming back
So when I'm home I can hit the sack
You plus me equals..
So just do the math
Who would've thought I'd be taking this path
Thinking about a lot until I rot into scrap
Looking at the whole map to figure where your heart's really at
But all I see is gaps as if you know they were booby traps
He got you now
Well thats great, rain on my head like a weather map
Running in my mind
Need a baton
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As you run a lap, and
I just wanna be in love with you
With - no distractions
Your reactions to my pa**ion proves that we were stronger than you could've imagined
Hopefully this time words speak louder than actions
Crazily thinking about you but without the fatal attraction
Thinking twice was strong advice coming from Michael Jackson
Based on your actions
Know whatever happens just happens
You were all I ever needed, and
You were all I ever wanted
A life without you in it-Yo it seems so very haunted
Being honest
Things are stronger when two zodiacs have bonded
Together inside my cruiser driving til we reach sonic
But I ignored my friends when told to be keeping caution, and
I promise in a world where time is still and blossomed
Despite who you really are, yo there's always that side of cotton
With you
See you forgive but you haven't forgotten
So I know that you'll remember all our times before college
I understand you called you called it quits to replenish your knowledge
Yeah, you ballin' no name calling
Gone see you in the morning

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