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Tommy Page - Just Before (i Was Gonna Say I Love You) lyrics

And i recall the night
When my heart was shattered in two
It took me so long
To find my thoughts, express it to you
I waited all my life
Thinking love would never come my way
Then right before my eyes
You k**ed my dreams with what you had to say
And it took me some time to find the words
But i didn't get the chance to be heard, you told me

Just before i was about to say that i need you
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Just before i was about to show my heart was true
You said that you were seeing another love
Someone you'd been dreaming of
All this time i never knew, you told me
Just before, just before, just before
I was gonna say i love you

All in one moment
I lost visions of heaven to be
I said to myself i was happier being lonely
'cause love is the most pain i've ever felt
My heart is aching and my soul just melts

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