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Tommy Page - Written All Over My Heart lyrics

Written by Tommy Page, Peter Wolf, & Ina Wolf)
Stay, we'll deal tih the world
Just a little later
Now, as I'm holding you girl

I pray it lasts forever
Together, you and I
Our love will lift us high into the sky
We'll guide these dreams, into time

I've got you, written all over my heart girl
You're written all over
I always knew it was right from the start girl
I've got you written all over
Without you, I would be falling apart
'Cause I've got you written all over my heart

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I've got you written all over my heart
There's a place, deep within my soul
I'll always hold it for you
And you should know, wherever I may go

Your love will always shine through
Shine through the lonely nights
And comfort me when everything goes wrong
I'm blessed to have a love so strong

Oh there's something in your touch that drives me crazy
And I can't get enough of you
Every time I hold you, every time I touch you
Feel your warm embrace and, feel my heartbeat racing

Baby when I'm with you, I just want to kiss you
Wrap my arms around you, I'm so glad I found you
I'm falling, I'm really falling
Deep in love with you, girl you know it's true

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