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Tommy P - Bottle O'Jack lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm out drinkin' Jack it's almost one
Thinkin' this sh** was already done
It sinks right down to the skeleton
Another shot thinkin' that I needed none
Bought a couple bottles of Jack and Henny
Drinking and driving inside a f**ing Bentley
Not even legal yet, I'm not even twenty
This alcohol just seems so damned friendly

[Verse 2]
Smokin' some Lucky's, downin' some Jack
Turning sh** around like a Patriots quarterback
Inside of a white Cadillac
Or an Audi painted carbon black
The precious thought of her just seems so inverse
All other thoughts just got me feeling worse
Every single second seems to go immerse
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Therefore, we seem to go f** and disperse
Whiskey shots are like russian roulette
After a while, it begins to add up and collect
And it made me repress the common regrets
But, bad ideas it begins to suggest
Like Geo just went down to Georgia searchin' for a soul to steal
Went into Atlanta, got f**ed up and took a bunch of hoes as his meal
The decisions caused his mind to lose control of the wheel
'Cause he slipped and done f**ed up like it was a banana peel

[Verse 3]
The bottles only seem to stack in quantity
The Lucky's never seem to lack quality
Our group is like a back committee
Southern vibe, best call Conaty
Always ending the project with a deep or romantic melody
This time, it's just a southern vibe set for a legacy
Oh, that guitar, oh, it sounds so heavenly
Like her voice, just helps reach an ecstasy

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