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Tommy Harden - Billboard lyrics

What do I got to, got to do
To get my message through to you
Anyone can write a love note, buy you a fifth of Four Roses

What do I got to, got to do
To show how far I'd go for you
Little tokens ain't enough
I need something to make you look up
Yeah I'm thinkin' bout 40 feet high
Right there on the highway up in lights

Says, “I'm crazy bout ya, I'll never need another”
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In bright green letters ‘cause that's your favorite color
24/7, 365, you'll know how much I love you every time you pa** it by
Remind you and the whole wide world
Right there on the billboard

When life wants to bring ya, bring ya down
All you gotta do is look around
You can see if from a mile away
My I love you on the highway

You can only shout it so loud
I think I'm gonna go all out

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