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Tommy G - Megaman (Remix) lyrics


Imma do this one for my, for my squad
For my crew
You already know what's good
Let's go
Check me out

[Verse 1: D Boiii]
I'mma live repping that YOLO
Pimp step in my polo's
Looking mint fresh in my photos
I don't split checks cause I'm solo
So don't disrespect or get totaled
Get your whip wrecked and then bulldozed
Catch you slip neck with no sorrow
You won't live to the end of tomorrow
If the [?] then I cop it
Let the truth prevail cause I talk it
Got the Ruger held in my pocket
Shooting shells the size of a rocket
Cock it
Back the point and then bust it
Cause I'm past the point of discussion
I'm just blasting you [?] then gushing
As I ash the blunt that I'm puffing
I was beast mode cause it had to happen
[?] b**h grab a napkin
Be cold so I avalanche
The boy when you so straight flabbergasted
Hands on her a** on [?] action
Tap on her back just to add attraction
Slam on the gas in the Cadillac and
Flow guaranteed with a satisfaction
Go big cause I live to win it
Your chick on my dick in minutes
Spit it
Most sickness schizophrenic
Hope [?] clinics
Competitive cause I'm out with the predicate
Haters claiming they hot but they delicate
Raising my finger is part of my etiquette
Imma stomp on your head again
Bet you need [?] popping Excedrin
Grinding and mobbing and robbing your letterman
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Leaving your body to rot with a reverend
I speak of the ba**
b**h if you're walking then pick up the pace
I live for the chase, are you willing to race?
Dick in your face, are you digging the taste?
[?] Ciroc
Rolling around to the sounds of Sinatra
Holding you down, surround you with choppers
Kicking your body around like it's soccer
Gets no better
Taking the lead like a go-getter
Break up the weed I'm a home-wrecker
Break up the weed I'm a home-wrecker
Codeine and my coat's better
So clean in my coat's weather
Floor freezing? Cold weather
Your b**h leaking my ho's wetter
Name your block when you speak to G's
Stay on top of the beat with ease
Ain't no stopping a street disease
Game on lock when you keep the keys
Hater I came in the Chevy ajar
Wake up hearing the sound of a [?]
Splatter your bladder and scatter your heart
Matter the fact that I'm battering raw
I'm counting a gain
Your counting a loss
You sound like a lame
I sound like a boss
f** with your dame leave her out of a bra
Clapping that a** like a round of applause
She booty-licious
Mad cause your boo when she blew me kisses
Damage your mood when I screwed your mistress
Yeah she with you but she losing interest
Turning you dudes into food with fishes
Burning you too cause I'm too malicious
You might need units of crucifixes
I'm light-speed dude, y'all moving inches

It's D Boiii
You already know how me and my squad bout to k** this sh**
Taking over
I'm out

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