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Tommy G - Lvls lyrics

You already know

[Verse 1: D-Boiii]
I'm D-Boiii I want money and the power
Get a b**h naked like we 'bout to take a shower
Tell her bring a friend taking down twin towers
And I heard you smoke loud well my sh** louder
Why you so sour?
I'm sweet like sugar
Stop blowing lines man you got cold boogers
You can get Punk'D Ashton Kutcher
This be a pig so that makes me a butcher
Ha levels to this sh**
Boy levels to this sh**
Don't worry 'bout me cause I leveled up quick
You dudes look broke, better get fixed
Look me in the eyes and you'll see triple six
See me going hard in the party taking pics
Pose like me with a real bad b**h
And yeah I get cream, just like whip
Can't stop won't stop this the life I live
Can't touch another motherf**er
Got a girl I think I love her
Plus she always cooking supper
Got a bag full of bomb weed
Sit back lean back like a palm tree
Red stop signs, can't stop me
She call me papi and I don't even [?]
Get it?
I'm ignoring all the critics
Stoned like a tomb that's hieroglyphics
I don't know about you but I feel terrific
And I am not human call me scientific
When I start something I make sure I get it finished
This is the beginning
I'm waiting for the end
With a Barbie b**h in a blacked-out Benz
Rocking new kicks man them size tens
I'm just a small town dude wish I was [?]
And I got the best damn green
No seeds or stems uh
I don't got competition
Look up greatness don't pa** the definition
Yeah I get ambition
This is my mission
Do this so much Imma call it repetition
I don't even need a**istance I'm so independent
This is my house, y'all my tenants
I'm the boss of you like you attending
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And I don't do pennants
All I rock is rings
Talk about life man I want the finer things
Talk about height man I'm flyer than some wings
Sip sip sip sipping off the holy grail
And you know I get head like a pony tail

[Verse 2: Jonah Amthor]
We got money
We got power
That's CS crew
That's how we do
Get money get b**hes
All of us do
Girls in the powder
Don't get her flowers
And your b**h she ain't got cold kicks
Talking 'bout the Jordan's, Retro six
And a big booty b**h stay with
Cause we leveling up quick
The whole crew got a blacked-out Benz
V-Ten Engine
'Bout to go to Cali
Roll and smoke
Getting sick of the fake, the phony
It ain't gonna be lonely
When we in the top spot
And you know I might take your ho
Sorry if that's how it goes
Me and D got this [?]
I guess we'll see where it goes
Always had big dreams to grow up as a king
Loyalty is everything
And you know I'm with the crew
Always had the booze
Always eating food
Cloud nine I glance at the stars
Know I'm chasing stars
Like I'm just trying to go far
Mayday Mayday
We ain't going down there
But we're going over there
I'm out parachuting
Lands on what a quick whip waiting for me
A Lamborghini you ain't never gonna see me
Wish to be me
We ain't the same
Cause you ain't got no game
Crazy dream me and the team
We some animals
Eat eat eat this beat up in a heartbeat
Yeah we cold
Cash society
We the team

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