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Tommy G - Louth All Stars lyrics

[Intro: Emmet Nino Hayes]
Round Table

[Chorus Ghost X Host]
We have one life
We got no time
In this lifetime
(Who want war, I said Who want war?)
Speak up
(Who want war, I said Who want war?)
Take your flight now
(Who want war, I said Who want war?)
We are champions
Dont be scared for the crown

[Verse 1 Emmet Nino Hayes]
Dreamers believers I said that everyone see us
We're not like Spain in the world cup, nobody could beat us
Said it's all about bars, (Bars) Who cud spit hard
But I'd rather tell the truth and say what's coming from my heart see
I was down and out and had a vision that one day I could change lives with words and I did it see
World leaders where were you when we needed ya
You did sh*t on the people but looked good in the media
Its messed up how they play that card, but I'm the joker in the deck see I got no heart
Words that I write may they go down in history
A pest to the world till the day that I claim victory
(They're in denial they're addicted to the shine) x2
But this is my call of duty, imma search and destroy
Say my knowledge ain't dope, for what they would call a boy ha

We have one life
We got no time
In this lifetime
Speak up
Take your flight now
We are champions
Dont be scared for the crown

[Verse 2 Lord Shonukan]
I look in the mirror and get frustrated, with the guy staring back
Tryna figure out what his music lacks
Sky ain't my limit, another universe is where imma land
I want the world at the palm of my hand
Forget new world order, this Is Round tables world order
It's time for us to take over
Combine my pain and determination
That'a weapon of mass destruction
My mom didn't give birth to a failure, So you can bet imma do it major
In my world it's never sunny, but the storm in me, has me spitting thunder and lightning
As long as the lion in me is roaring I'll never stop fighting, I got the spirit and soul of Mike Tyson
You kicking dirt on a diamond
But even covered in dirt, I still shine, the brightest

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[Verse 3 Tommy G]
You know me I'm the sickest and illest
Im spit cold like snow, so its feeling christmas
You in the church man, asking for religious forgiveness
Im killing the system this is war not business
On our rise to the top we left lives in the gutter
We don't care about their wives, their sons, their brothers
Now they see disappointment in the eyes of their mothers
Coz we killed the country and left bloodstains on the Tri Colour
Ghost on the beat he makin the statement
Walk in the studio Il Divo in the basement
Sat on the stairs of temple lane and we waited
3 weeks later we walk in like look it we made it
See its easy to look down when you think your on top
But Jay-Z said most kings get there heads cut off
Im killing songs and i make sure its frequent and often
I buried yall alive i can hear you scream in the coffin


[Verse 4 Zane]
Who want war? (Man) Who want more?
Who got game coz I swords
I got steel while you got bronze
I bolted down your pendulum doors
First off I never did it for you, damn its all for me
Do you know how much it takes to feed your freaking family?
Man I had to rip the passion from my heart on to the streets
You watched me bleed
You saw me praying on my knees damn
Who want it harder than me?
Point em out now
And I'm about to lay em dead on the solid ground
This a battle, I don't plan to let you hold it down
I let your girl hold my crown while I slay you now
I'll take your head off your shoulders I won't tell you twice
I won't let you know its over till you cold as ice
I'm about to preach the truth in this business
King Zane gunning for his thrown you on the hit list

[Bridge Ghost X Host]
Do you know what I had to sacrifice
To live life, you can't opt out
Till the day I see my crown
I will never back down
Dreaming & believing
Keeps the flame from burning out
In this life you can't opt out
So I will never back down
& you know we're faithful
Got the whole crew with me
Yet we're on our own
In this world
To God everyday I pray


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