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Tom Skinner - Rock Of Ages lyrics

My rock of ages too many nights I've tried
Fighting sleep with a crowded mind
Several days, all through the night
I'm sure I've heard the dark angels hum
With the melody groaning I couldn't keep my rest
With the melody strong, nearly made me lose my breath

Early in the morning, meeting you in the garden
The look of love and lust was in her eyes, yes
Hid away when she knew her shame
But I too was naked in that rising sun
And you still hear me now?
I wish I feared you more than this fear inside of me
Then I'll be a witness; can I be a witness to someone?
There's no darkness dark enough to hide
From you, you're my rock of ages

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And would you be all I need?
Yes I believe it, despite this constant flight in me
I'm asking, would you be all I need?
Though the melody is growing strong
Thieves coming out in the night
And they've been trying, trying to take me out before my time

They call you rock of ages
All consuming fire, all consuming fire
A thousand times that I am falling
Will be a thousand times that I will rise
And you hear me now?
I wish I feared you more than this fear inside I see
Then I'd take a good look
I'd take a good look in your eyes as you see through mine

You're my rock of ages
My rock, my right, my anchor holding

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