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Tom Skinner - Gatekeeper lyrics

[Verse 1]
Gatekeeper, where's there's no wise leader
There be no brighter lighter
But you keep letting it in
Let it in let it, let it in let it, let it in

[Verse 2]
Gatekeeper, here is your read-minder
There is a kinder teacher
But will you let 'em in?
Let 'em in let 'em, let 'em in let 'em, let 'em in

[Verse 3]
Gatekeeper, there be no rhyme reason
Hopeful the right season comes so we can begin again
To begin again, we begin again, again, and then

[Verse 4]
Gatekeeper, surely a strange kinder helper to come later
But that's not the journey's ending
Just an ending, just an ending

[Bridge 1]
Like a city without a wall you are open to anything
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Lose the government of your soul 'cos you're so open to anything
Well, don't go listening to the voice of a stranger - don't, don't, don't, don't
Don't you go listening to that voice

[Bridge 2]
Like a city without a wall you are open to everything
See you flirting in the danger zone trying to be all things to all men
Won't you take your stand when you get hurt?
Haven't learnt your lesson when you feel it burn?
Fired up? It should get you fired up!
Still it's aching? Fire up!
Got to get to you - get fired on all cylinders

You should be a kinder teacher to me
But will you let me in? No, no, no
Will you let me in? No, no, no, no, no

Don't fade away - why you have to fade away?
Why you gonna have to fade away?
You don't have to fade away
That's not how the story was supposed to end
Let's begin again, let's start again
You don't have to fade away, away, away

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