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Tom Riddle - Steal The Show lyrics

[Verse 1: Thirsty McGurk]

See me through my ups and downs
Acting like its obsolete
Copying and pasting em
In front of me, to press delete
Clean slate, new team
Tired of f**ing looking back
n***as ain't even on they grind saying they got next
Never gonna cut a check
Never gonna get respect
You do it for the money and the fame
Where your name at?
You do it for the wrong reasons
Never studied hip hop
This is more than big chains
Shiny rings
And drop tops
Puppets of the industry
Master of the f**ery
The industry don't give a f** about you
Speaking honestly
So you just gotta do your thing
We do it independently
Respect is respected
New rap president
Roll with a tight cabinet
Mad all your fans pa**ed em
I don't wanna do it if I can't make cla**ics
Get up on the stage in front of thousands and mash it
Turn your favorite station on and you can hear these smash hits

[Hook (x2): Lerix & Thirsty McGurk]
(So we....)
Give em a little then we give em some more
(Hey, hey, heeey)
Give em a little and we give em some more
(Hey, hey, heeey)
Give em a little then we give em some more
Cause every time we give it to em, yo we stealing the show!

[VERSE 2: Rashad Roulett]

What more can I say?
Once them twin doors swing open
Red bottoms, touching red carpet
Call me Mr. Soapy
Said I'm in this for a long run
Then I turn to spin cycle
I got a plan B
[Lyrics from: https:/]
That's to money recycle
This ain't for y'all to understand the trails of my life
Bad enough y'all got me in them trails of an indite
My rolling life is rocky right now
But like rocky
Fighting to the top
Ambitions of a jockey
If I should fall, said its not gonna be too long
Man is made to stand on two feet and keep a move on
Don't make no sense in taking life
Like straight drinks
Cause them shots you throwing back can come back and put you to sleep
So as long as I have life, I will never ever give in
And to money, never sell my soul
Even if I'm winning
Like the greatest story told
Might wanna listen
Or sit around and watch, cause its only the beginning


[Verse 3: Lerix]

Find me near a ba**-line, hooded-up
Its Greatmindz, when the good ain't good enough
Be the best like khaled
All talent
No beef, cause our pallets
Chase salad
Dry lines never here, cuz
Quench thirsts, Gatorade thru your ear drum
You should notify a hater if you near one
That I'm the dopest mother f**er, they ain't here of
So, allow me to reintroduce my shine
5 foot plus and fly two times
3 for the money cause I get mine
As I combine
All the juice from the mind
The magic
Is not too shabby
Clean like I'm cast-ed
In downton abbey
Me near a mic
Then I might
Stop traffic
k** em with the flow?
Then steal the show?


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