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Tom Riddle - Nerd lyrics

[Prod. by WeirdEye]

[Verse 1: TOM]

My motivation on a milk carton, its missing
Allocating rap from crap for some ambition
I'm fly like the birds that i'm flippin
I'm the guy that's a nerd but i'm still f**in pimpin
Music is my friend so I guess I got an ear bud
I'm like a nun with this drama , give no f**s
I'm just having fun with my life, you should try it to
Pale white, who knew, rapping Nosferatu
I'm a pain in the a**, like one of Steve-O's tattoo's
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Ima be failing a cla**, watchin TV and eatin ragu
f** these sh**ty rapper's, k**in um f** Im a grim reaper
I get more girls than Romney, b**hes be trapper keepers
So T.O.M, yes I be k**in em
Money bags in Sypro b**h, yes you know I got them gems
More hydro than comic book villans an
Meet my f**ers , ben stillin them
Make it rain, b**h get under the pavilion
I'm a pro teen like breast milk, you know I be milkin um
But I hate b**hes... i'm more about that p**y
I being all I could be
Charlie sheen-in, Hand my a** a trophy
My dick got more cla** like than Moby
Dont talk sh**, you ain't know me

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