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Tom Riddle - Lemons lyrics

In this Econ, there's no me
When you see Tom ask him if he know's me
Smack him in the nose for being phony
Like Kony, self loathing
Tatter my clothing
Id go to hell instead of decomposing'
I need to stop acting dopey, so cloak me
When i was young no one would Facebook poke me
Talent sprung now hoes who don't know me on twitter like
“I'm drunk, wanna bone me?”
Locally, not known globally
Sicker than most of these broken emcee's
My motive like fleas. b**hes itching for me
Like science fiction the future of rap looks different you see
I'm gonna change it, take this and makeshift into a spaceship
Just be patient
I'm sick with it, in tune, and not diminishing
I don't give a f** what your into I'm different
Always been myself, and hell its helps that I'm tighter than a belt
Sunday ma**, kicked my a** then I fell

Alright I've been thinking
When Life gives you lemons don't make lemonade
Make Life take the lemons back
Get Mad! I don't want your damn lemons what am I supposed to do with these!

What the f** to do I represent
I don't even know lately I've been getting tense
I feel like you all hate me, negative sentiment
Have questions, circumvented
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I meant to be something different
When comes rap I'm gifted
Started this sh**, b**h my minds shifted
Tom's drifted, became addicted with this business
I never lifted anything of this kind of significance
I'm worried that I'm slipping
I'm worried I don't fit in
I always tie my shoes to make sure that I'm not tripping
Fluently a nuisance who chooses not to listen
I was truant as a student cause I didn't like the system
I've risen up my ambition, and ridden all my contrition
Here's a mission make bad rap forbidden
Jehovah's witness Christmas I'm listless
And get this I'm odder than the oz is in wicked
But hey
f** what life gave me, I'm gonna get what it didn't

Demand to see life's manager!
Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson Lemons!
Do you know who I am!?
I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down!
With the lemons!
I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon, that burns your house down!

What the hell am doing
I knew it, I don't give a f** about the future, I'm stupid
I'm do me presently, bet I'm an enemy, I murder it like Kennedy
I better be the remedy
I'm coming unexpectedly, like I'm gonna cause a pregnancy
Parental discretion, I probably needs some therapy
I'm an infection so learn a lesson bout my specimen
Take your medicine and I'll enlight you like I'm Edison

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