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Tom Riddle - Kiss My Ass lyrics

[Prod: J-Swift]

[Verse 1: TOM]

Now in my younger days I never cared about the cool kids
Showed attitude and executed being truant
I been foolish and this b**hes know i'm actually pretty stupid
Teachers giving out some homework, i'm the kid who'd never do it
I tried really hard to just like my brothers
I suffer of bein a f**in stupid mother f**er
Schools calling up my mothers numbers
What a bummer i'm in school for summer
Im obscene and not seen often like some hummers, what?
Im on the wrong track
Back pack full a bad raps
Im so sick so I miss cla**
Thats the main reason I skip crap
Im a disaster
And i cause laughter
Being a master rappers basically what I've been after
I'm a bar attacker, Jura**ic Park velociraptor
Goin hard like tony stark, its goin down like im the actor, what?
Its goin down like im the actor
Yeah, this is my new chapter

[Hook: TOM]


[Verse 2: TOM]
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Cla**ic, cla** has been an a** kick
We are just some bad kids
Who got cla** but cannot pa** it
Man I've had it
Melted candy bars ima stick rappin
Ive had couple dreams and ima f**in make em happen
Im adolescent, you best give me your blessin
I'm attemptin to stop F-in not at home but durin lessons
Ask my a** a question, and ill get it wrong
Lightin up like Cheech and Chong
Writing songs, rap strong
I said Im k**in these tracks and i ain't gotta serve time
My rap is so stunning It needs a warning sign
I'm a young-in, no tourin, not signed
A hobby of mine embodyed the state of mind
Of a focused stoic poet and notice I show it
A white kid wrote it and spoke it a bit atrocious
This kid needs to be more focused on his motives im chosen like moses
I'm spittin like religion, they dont wanna believe or perceive it so they think its fiction
My depiction of my diction goes more insane than jigsaws victims
My sk** is like acid it will never leave my system
Rip em apart I'm smarter than Peter Parker (swing)
People give me sh** and i don't even have to barter
Hate on my a** and ill tell you to kiss it
Pa**ed by cla** represented as a misfit
I get test im the first to finish
I bubbled in random sh**
b**h, (here's my a**) kiss it


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