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Tom Riddle - Insomniac lyrics

(Verse 1)

I don't need endorsement, its not important

All these other f**ers talking sh**, they're just boring

I floor it, insane arranging green like a florist

I mean and seem to dreaming of being more enormous

Form an orbit

More morbid than informing an orphan of his misfortune...

Then having to support him

Verbal Edgar Allen Poe surrounded by conformists

Nineteen screaming whoa like earl was in Doris

f** college course's man I f**ing forfeit

Hows any of this sh** gonna help me pay a mortgage

Once my parents scold me and kick me out of the fortress

I'll live in the forest with Matt Foley in my Ford Taurus!

I'm thwarted

Restless and breathless I'm dormant

Laying in my room waiting for the god damn morning

Its pouring

And there's a storm warning

Can't sleep, head out the now I'm door exploring


This world is f**ed up I can't sleep

I toss and turn and can't find peace

Insomniac, Its coming back

Please help god I can't turn back

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(Verse 2)

Walking alone, I'm prone to being a clone

I'm stoned, I feel like ill never actually find a home

I roam, lighting strikes, shakes the whole damn road

I hope it strikes me in the head and I f**ing explode

I'm broke, can't even afford to live on my own

I smoke to get in my zone

I'm a joke, but I don't condone to be a failure

Shape up, act quick, be swift like Taylor

They told me I should quit, with all my bad behavior

My brain has crater

Something missing

Nothings fitting

For this nothing, I feel like quitting

The time is ticking

Man I hate this

Smoke pot, I'm anxious

People think I'm tasteless

A guy with 2 faces tells me I'm amazing

I wanna get paid but I rap in a basement

f** I hate it, it feels like my brain is in detainment

I think the devils usin it for his own entertainment

I'm wasted, my life is f**ing wasted

(Rebel Without a Cause Outro )

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