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Tom Riddle - Comic Books lyrics


[Verse 1: TOM]

Its interesting, we kicking it like Tekken
Best in 517 i'm reppin it like i'm destined
They used to f**in hate me, now i f**in hate them
Do my own thing i'm goin to sleep in the AM
Tom the nonchalant I do what i want because I f**in can
Giving your b**h the D like i am a f**in vitamin
I might of been breaking backs, I might of been fakin that
Baked and watchin breaking bad, my mind is so vacant thatttt....
I can't f**in think of sh**
Am I just stupid kid? is it cause i'm new to it?
Is it cause Im lunatic?
Who is this, some people wish I don't exist
I'm poppin like b**hs pickin zits
More twisted than licorice
Maybe I should shut my mouth
Rabies got me spittin now
Lately ive been wiggin out
My tape gon make big amount
f** me and f** town
f** me, my super power is that I like to f** around

[Quote: Stan Lee]
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When I used to read comics when I was young
I used to feel that the characters weren't believable. They weren't Realistic
Because they never had any problems
Their only problem was "How can I catch the bad guy, how can I beat the villain?"
But I used to think to myself, what about their personal life?

[Verse 2: TOM]

Marvel, DC, Comics?
Believe me i'm honest when i say TOM is Atomic
Understand that i'm iconic
Bluntman and Chronic ironic
You can't stop it
I'm flyer than that hawk chick
I'm Macgyver but i'm toxic
Most guys can't top this
I gotta just be honest
These local rappers monotonous
They're sk** is just like my conscience, its just not constant
I'm poppin I'm uncommon
Rhymes tighter than tights on robin
My mind throbbin, my mind is up in sh**s
The lucrative new kid spits sicker than mucus
Elders think i'm putrid. i represent the new sh**
I'm ruthless so don't give me your f**in attitude b**h
I'm the kid reading comics instead school sh**

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