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Tom Flannery - Bob Tailed Check lyrics

I slave all day in the dusty dark
For my living I risk my neck
And at the end of the month all you got for me
Is a god damn bob tailed check

I mined 49 tons at 71 and a half
For 35 dollars and change
But them deductions add up to more than that
And a working man finds that strange

The supplies I need to do my job
Break my back like no load of coal can
And my drill needs fixing before it's used
And you call me a careless man
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Six dollars to pay for this drafty old shack
That you boys oversee
And if the god damned dump burned to the ground
It wouldn't look no worse to me

Got 2 kids at home expecting food from me
And that they're still growing is true
But when I see a grocery bill looking like this
I believe my fathering days are through

So all you eager men heading down down down
You better heed what I say
If you find what you need you best take it with you
'cause they ain't giving nothing away

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