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Token Ash - Delete lyrics

[Hook] x2
A tough grind sculpts diamonds
Couldn't give a f** unless my life's rewinding
Hit the pause button so my top stays shining
Blinding all you mothaf**as with a crown called conscience

[Verse 1]
Bottling emotion, the bar ain't ever closing
Thoughts of staying sober's like some Reggie being potent
Snort another row, expose Latino culture
Cause according to my folks I'm porting c**a cola
Hold up, all I really need is just a toke and ash
Bout a quarter ounce and now the floor is full of broken gla**
Blow frost for my chosen path
Going soft won't satisfy life; the ho to smash
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Sublime tough grinds ain't dealing no sunshine
What's life when the back of your mind's a buck nine?
Like Cobaine's suicide, swim against the flow change
Of propane your gold chain's the sh** thats getting burglarized
High enough to figure out where heaven lies
Blind enough to swallow up the lies a preacher may recite
sh**, now I'm over indulged
How the f** they giving faith when they sell it in bulk?
Reading pages for salvation ain't a savior from dirt
So I'll never share a penny for the greed that it's worth
The way it seems is the worst, parents s**ed into earth
Drooled a eulogy so you can see the pain in this verse
Top of the honor's list to becoming a pharmacist
Sick of dodging these profits and never topping a bottom b**h
While rockin' diamond minus a sponsorship
I'm broke, no bread, choking on this ramen binge

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