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Tishamingo - Whiskey State Of Mind lyrics

A Day's worth of drinkin', gone to my head
I come home in the evenin' to another empty bed

Trouble's gone for a little while, freed them from my mind
But they'll be there waitin' for me come tomorrow's time
Another day
In a whiskey state of mind
A bottle of whiskey boy
Ain't no place to hide

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Sun peaks through the window, my head starts to spin
Looks like another nice day might pa** me by again

Mr. Bandwagon came around, to give me another ride
I said sir don't come around here bringin' your whiskey lies

Up against a lamppost, all I can do is lean
Light shinin' down from up above, yet I can hardly see

Once again I find myself standing all alone
I guess this dark way of life is all I'll ever know

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