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Tishamingo - Turry & The Tellico Militia lyrics

Yonder in the distance
Sun is setting on Caroline
Around about that time of day
Turry and his band commence to playin' songs

Turry barely makes a livin'
But he makes his life playin' music from his soul
He knows what it takes to just get by
Works all day so he can play his songs at night
Transylvania County mountain music
Flowin' like the French Broad River
Through the innerds of my soul
When that Bluegra** starts fillin' the air of sweet Caroline
You know Turry and his boys are getting' high

Turry plays a mean guitar
Lord don't you know it makes him feel so good
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He dreams of hittin' it big one day
But the Teleco Militia just likes to play

All the Transylvania Tulips sure love Turry
They ask him to write for them a pretty little song
He says girl don't you know the rule
You gotta break my heart before I write a song for you

Turry got a phone call one day
From a Nashville city slicker with a record deal in hand
He told Turry to come alone
Leave that Redneck band at home

Turry took a trip to the city
He went to see, the record deal man
Turry said don't you know the rule
I ain't gonna leave my band for the likes of you

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