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Tiny - Know Your Demons lyrics

Listen devil
I will let you go
I have carried you for years
But we end so sore
I won't feed you anymore
This is as far as I will take you
I should've turned you down from the start
My lungs are burning
But you're worn out too
I know your every turn
By heart
Like a favorite record of

Know your demons
They know you
Wherever you go
They go too
Know your demons
They know you
Wherever they go
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You're bound to

How dare you talk to a stranger
When you know they'll put you down
If they can
How dare you show me your anger
When your voice is oh so weak
In my head


Your poisonous whispers
Are boring me
I've got other words
To comfort my mind
No matter how you twist
Or how you fight
I'll pull you out
You parasite


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